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43-45 Ocean Beach Road
Sorrento, VIC, 3943

59 845300

Marlo Spa, located in the heart of Sorrento is an Ayurvedic Spa that specialises in Ayurvedic therapies as well as traditional beauty and Medispa treatments.Once you are absorbed in the sacred space of “Marlo Spa” you will be transported to a place of tranquillity and bliss. A sacred space reminds us of our true nature and brings us back to centre, a place where everyone is equal.


Facial Care & Medi Spa

Luxurious Facials on the Mornington Peninsula

Vegan Facials
Wholesome and unpolluted, the new V Series Face and Hair Treatments contain no beeswax, animal by-products such as dairy, synthetic preservatives or artificial colouring.  They are NOT tested on animals.  OmVeda supports small farmers and their sustainability principles.
The V Series is formulated for every skin type and condition and include:
Anti-Ageing: V Series Thermo Herbal (75 mins) $160
                       V Series Diamond  (60mins) $140
Oily: V Series Fruit (60mins) $140
Acne: V Series Clove (60mins) $140
Sensitive: V Series Cucumber (60mins) $140
Hyper-pigmentation: V Series Pearl (60mins) $140


Ayurvedic Facials $140 / 60 mins

This facial is designed according to specific dosha and skin requirements. A hair and scalp treatment and relaxing hand and foot massage using customised oils, herbs and lotions is included in this sensory journey of rebalancing your energy. Take time out to experience a facial treatment using two cusomised face masks designed especially for you. A truly unique experience at every level.
OmVeda Classique
Skin Rejuvenator
Pure Silver Treatment
24 Carat Gold Treatment
Omveda Royal Pearl Facial
OmVeda Diamond Dreams Facial
Mango Moisturising Thermal Face Lift $160 / 75 mins
Purifying Clove Intensive $160 / 75 mins

Biodroga Systems Facials
Advanced skin care technology meets European spa luxury. Begins with a thorough skin diagnosis before the correct BIODROGA SYSTEM is chosen for you. PURAN for impure skin, MOISTURE for dehydrated skin, OXYGEN for devitalized skin and REPAIR for sun stressed skin. Each skin condition is systematically targeted and corrected using advanced skin technology and powerful plant botanicals. The BIODROGA SYSTEM facial includes intensive peeling, corrective ampules, and massage and treatment masks. This treatment delivers therapeutic skin-correcting results, with a deeply relaxing effect.                                                                                                 
MOISTURIZING BEAUTY TREATMENT $140 / 60 mins                                            
PURAN BASIC BEAUTY TREATMENT $140 / 60 mins                                                           


Anti-age Facials

Combining cutting edge apple stem cell technology, enzyme peeling and three unique massage treatments has resulted in our state-of-the-art; anti-ageing spa treatment that gives instant, visible lifting and firming results. Plant stem cells protect your skin’s own stem cells at its deepest level, ensuring that after this treatment you see the youngest, freshest looking skin possible.
Using algae to firm and hydrate the skin, this facial is a great prep for a special occasion. Also using the hypersensitive products  it really cools the skin, so good for sensitivity.
This unique BIODROGA + red light therapy treatment will turn back the years by naturally stimulating collagen production to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and poor skin tone. This power treatment consists of three phases. To begin, the skin is deeply exfoliated with either a BIODROGA MD AHA PEEL or Miycro-hydrabrasion. Once the skin is smooth, the LED red light + BIODROGA MD Power Booster is applied and stimulates the skin. Finally the facial is finished with a relaxing deep tissue facial massage to stimulate the lymphatics and infuse the prescribed vitamin serum. This is our most requested treatment for one reason… it works!

Medi Skin Treatments
DERMIA FACIAL   $180 (75-90 mins)  Package of four $667
  (includes Hyaluron  Complex Serum)                                                                       Multi Patented technology out of Europe: Polyabrasion & Micro, Collagen Activation, Targeted wrinkle infusion
Skin Assessment $55 / 30 mins
Ultimate Summer Resurfacing from $199 to $240 / 60-80 mins
VITAC Resurfacing $99 / 30 mins with eye/lip MESO $185 / 60 mins
Pigmentation Resurfacing $140 / 45 mins and eye/lip MESO $175 / 60 mins
Age Resurfacing $130 / 45 mins and eye/lip MESO $160 / 60 mins
Acne Resurfacing $130 / 45 mins and  eye/lip MESO $160 / 60 mins
Chronic Redness Resurfacing $80 / 30 mins
Eye and Lip Resurfacing $140 / 45 mins (includes MESO)
Neck Resurfacing $80 / 30 min
For more information go to

CHEMICAL PEELING $99 (45 MINS) / 6 peels $500 includes 50g Hyalonuric Acid Gel
Expertly formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid and fruit enzymes, our BIODROGA MD peels achieve amazing results alone or when done in a series of six treatments, set out over six to twelve weeks. Specifically for age management and acne care, chemical peels increase cellular turnover, prevent acne breakouts and assist with the release of blackheads. The initial effects are what makes these treatments so popular as they instantly brighten the skin, giving a healthy glow like no other.

LED LIGHT THERAPY $90 / 45 mins For more information go to

MICRODERMA(HYDRA)BRASION   $120 /45 mins, with FACIAL $170 / 75mins For more technical information go to
Microdermabrasion needs no introduction; it is simply the most popular skin treatment available today for resurfacing skin. But what if we said that we have something that deep cleans the skin even better than microdermabrasion? The latest way to ensure that you have the cleanest and brightest skin possible is with the next generation Micro-hydrabrasion treatment. Micro-hydrabrasion is a system that exfoliates with microdermabrasion while simultaneously cleaning and flushing the skin with a diamond tip head that circulates cooling water and aloe. It’s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

MESO and DERMAROLLER SKIN NEEDLING (with Led) $499 / 90 mins For more technical information go to
This exciting intensive treatment is ideal for targeting wrinkles, fading brown marks, reducing enlarged pores and the softening of mild acne and surgical scarring. The DERMAROLLER device is our most advanced age controlling medi-tool, with similar results to expensive laser treatments at a fraction of their cost. We recommend a course of three skin needling treatments for optimum results, set out six weeks apart. For maximum collagen growth and skin repair each skin needling treatment comes with a complimentary follow up boost of LED light the following week.

1540nm NON-ABLATIVE LASER. Consultation necessary prior to treatment.Price on application.
Deep Rejuvenation/ anti ageing/ scarring/ hormonal pigmentation/ stretchmarks
Laser resurfacing with a difference! The ultimate anti-ageing treatment available, unlike other lasers, hydration is dramatically increased, there is less downtime and minimal discomfort.  Elastin and collagen is stimulated and skin is regenerated therefore working particularly well on scarring, deep hormonal pigmentation and stretchmarks. For more information go

Volume Correction

Consultation necessary prior to treatment. Price on application.
Shrinking lips / lines around the mouth / nasolabial folds / tear troughs / cheek and chin augmentation
Eliminate wrinkles or enhance the lips in less than 30 minutes. Using a protein to replenish furrows and lines on the face, this can also be used for scarred or pitted skin. For more information to

Wrinkle Correction

Consultation necessary prior to treatment. Price on application.
Frown lines / crows feet / forehead lines / and enhance the shape of the eye / lift the brows
Superior to any other form of wrinkle removal, this muscle relaxing injection physically stops the muscle contracting, thereby diminishing and preventing lines. Performed by Doctor Graeme Freemantle, member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia. For more information to


Essential  Manicure (30 mins) $55
Nail shaping, cuticle treatment, moisture massage, polish*

Omhasta Care (60mins) $95
Hands are cleansed, refreshed with a Rose Toner, essential nail and cuticle work, exfoliated with Honey Withania Body Polish or salt scrub which improves blood circulation, rejuvenates inactive cells and gives a new found feel and smoothness.  A warm herbal honey mask  is applied before a deep soothing massage, polish*
* add $20 for Shellac with any manicure

Hand Resurfacing Treatment (45 mins) $95
with essential Manicure (75 mins) $130
or with MESO Resurfacing (75 mins) $130

The skin of the hands significantly thins as we age, along with the loss of soft tissue and muscle volume making hands appear much older. Make hands appear younger is a threefold process.
The combination Ph Formula treatment add youthful volume effectively hiding veins and increasing thickness of the skin. The pigmentation treatment in combination with the L-ascorbic acid softens the brown spots and provide improved skin texture. The result are hands that not only look younger, but appear more vibrant.

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic and Gel  Nails                                                                                                                                                                                               Infills (1hr) $60  Maintenance for acrylic or gel nails
Rebalance (1 ¼ hr) $70 Maintaining french tips or infills
Extensions (1 ½ hrs) $100  Lengthening with a fine layer of acrylic or gel
Overlays (45 mins) $55  Reinforcing your natural nails with a fine layer of acrylic or gel

Shellac Hybrid Nail Colour Available in 24 shades.
Nail reshape and polish (30 mins) $45
Removal and repolish (45 mins) $65
Shellac Removal (20 mins) $20 with nail reshape (25 mins) $25



Essential Pedicure (30mins) $55
Nail and cuticle treatment, callous smoothing, moisturization and polish*

Ompada Care (60 mins) $95
The Hot Honey Pedi is a therapeutic foot treat that deep cleanses and purifies, stimulates and revives while luxuriously pampering and completely spoiling tired tootsies. Feet are cleansed in a blend of vetiver, soap pod, soap nut and zinc, spritzed with a Rose Toner, exfoliated with Honey Withania Body Polish or salt scrub, then warmed with a herbal honey mask, before a deep soothing massage. Polish*
*add $20 for Shellac with any pedicure

Hair Removal

½ leg $35        Top ½ leg $40      ¾ leg $45       Full leg $60
Bikini $25      G-string $40    Brazilian $55       Underarm $25     Arm $30
Chest & stomach $45     Back $45     Lip or chin $15

Sugaring Price $ - add 20% onto our waxing prices, 6 month Hair Reduction Programme. 12 treatments over 6 months, 20% discount and free homecare (the full circle). The Alexandria technique and sugar paste extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells. For more informatiion go to

Electrolysis 10 mins $35, 20 mins $45, 30mins $55
Progressively permanent treatment of hair removal using a thermolysis method. A consultation is compulsory and free of charge. Only disposable needles used.
IPL  Our cosmetic physician will price when consulting.
Excellent results for men and women, IPL is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. For more information go to


Brow wax $20   
Brow wax and tint $35


Lashes (20mins) $35, Brows (15mins) $20, Lash and Brow tint (30 mins) $50

Half Set(45mins) $80 Extend the outer corners of your natural lash line
¾ Set (60mins) $110 A full set for smaller eyes
Full Set (90 mins) $150 Grafting individual eyelashes to your own, replacements necessary every 2-3 weeks.
Lash Replacements Maintaining your grafted lashes
- 2 weeks refill $80
- 3 week refill $110

For more information go to


Special Occasion (45 mins) $90  Let Napoleon take you there, day or evening.

Lessons (1 hr) $140  Redeemable on Napoleon Perdis products  

Napoleon Perdis Events  Learn the latest trends and runway fashion style glamour and have some fun! All events include full catering.      *Note – Dates are limited.


Eight hour tan $40 (15 minutes)

Airbrushed to achieve an even, light, luscious tan. Develops after 8 hours.

Two hour tan $50 (15 minutes)

Shower off after only two hours. Light, medium and dark shades available.