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43-45 Ocean Beach Road
Sorrento, VIC, 3943

59 845300

Marlo Spa, located in the heart of Sorrento is an Ayurvedic Spa that specialises in Ayurvedic therapies as well as traditional beauty and Medispa treatments.Once you are absorbed in the sacred space of “Marlo Spa” you will be transported to a place of tranquillity and bliss. A sacred space reminds us of our true nature and brings us back to centre, a place where everyone is equal.

OmVeda Psoriasis Tallum  V

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OmVeda Psoriasis Tallum V


OmVeda Psoriasis Tallum V


A unique combination of herbs to help calm and reduce irritation.The oil contains key ingredients of: Cassia Fistula very effective in alleviating irritations and fungal infections, Indian Thorn Apple whose seeds have been traditionally used to relieve a variety of skin concerns, anti-bacterial Neem and the dry fruit from the Psoralea Corylifolia plant that is used to reduce skin eruptions.


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